We strongly suggest making an appointment & contacting your artist directly is always the best way. When you are ready to contact your artist, please be as descriptive as possible so your artist can clearly understand what you are looking for

What to include in your email:

  • Describe desired tattoo (include reference photos, size, color or black/gray, location)
  • A variety of dates that you are available for your appointment
  • Anything that might interfere with your tattoo (scars, skin disorders, medications, etc)


You can contact your artist directly by messaging, calling or stopping by Tattoo Avenue

Stephen King- Preferred method: email stephenkingart@gmail.com 

Vanessa Vargas- Preferred method: email queenmabofspells@gmail.com

Lindsey Johnson- Preferred method: direct message @momsaidicould on Instagram


We gladly accept walk-in clients but since we are a small team we may not have same day availability. In the event that we have an opening, please come prepared:

  • A photo or clear description of desired tattoo
  • Proper clothing so your artist can easily access tattoo location
  • Healthy- we can not tattoo you if you are sick
  • Enough time that you are able to wait for your artist to have a proper consultation with you, your artist to draw/design your tattoo & for you to receive the tattoo


  • Reach out to your artist directly as soon as possible but we do require a minimum of 72 hours notice
  • Provide a variety of rescheduling dates 
  • If you are feeling sick, please reschedule your appointment (sneezing, coughing, nausea, etc.)


  • Wear the appropriate clothing so your artist can easily access the body part that is getting tattooed. You need to be able to easily remove any clothing, if needed, that is near the tattoo location
  • Arrive clean with good hygiene. Our artists are working hard to give you the best tattoo, they need clean & healthy skin to work on. Dirty skin & clothes can & will cause infections and irritations to your new tattoo. Our artists are often times sitting close to their clients & can not properly tattoo with foul odors- please make sure your clothes are freshly washed
  • Eat a minimum of an hour before your appointment. An empty stomach & the adrenaline from getting tattooed can cause some people to feel uneasy & possibly faint- to avoid that eat a healthy meal & drink a lot of water before arriving
  • If you are feeling sick in any way, please contact your artist & reschedule (sneezing, coughing, nausea, etc). It is very important to us that we are not passing around illnesses to each other and/or to our clients. Please be responsible & stay home so we can continue to work
  • You may bring a +1 to your appointment & can wait in our waiting room


  • Be patient with your artist if they are running behind. No tattoo deserves to be rushed- they will get to you as soon as they can
  • Bring headphones, a book, your phone- anything that may help you pass the time while you are getting tattooed
  • It is important that you are not fidgeting or moving during your tattoo, please ask your artist for a break if you feel you need one. We want you to be comfortable & understand that tattoos can be painful
  • Have appropriate conversations. We are happy & honored to create a safe space for our clients but we need to create a safe space for our artists, too. Heavy conversations such as death, abuse, violence, etc should be kept to a minimum to protect the mental health of our artists. (If you need to disclose that you are not safe in your environment outside of the shop, we are more than happy to provide resources for professional help)


  • Tipping is not required but is very appreciated. The suggested rate is the standard 15%-20% of the tattoo cost
  • Cash payment is preferred. Credit card processing fees are high & we try to use our cc machine sparingly, however we do accept it as a form of payment if needed
  • If you were happy with your experience (we hope so!) please share the love! We are always thrilled to receive Google reviews and/or shout outs on Instagram so we can repost. We love referrals- tell your friends!



Stephen King

Tattoo Artist, Owner


Vanessa Vargas

Tattoo Artist


Lindsey Johnson

Tattoo Artist